Founder Chancellor

Founder Chancellor

Academic excellence beyond boundaries, that’s what makes MMU the educational institution for the World.

In fact, MMU is more than just being a University, it’s the engaging, intellectually vibrant place where growth-minded people share the platform as well as the passion to enrich human lives with their knowledge and benefit from a unique, progressive and world-class education.

As India’s fastest growing education institution, MMU is the only campus in North India that focuses on ‘real-world experiential knowledge’, on the strong footing of distinct academicians, course planning, student development programs, and global reputation.

We, at MMU, strive to shape the destiny of India’s youth so that they emerge as truly confident, knowledgeable and wise people with a conscience that reminds them of their responsibility as well.

Spearheading education revolution through MMU has been an evolving journey for me in last 25 years in which I witnessed students from small town scripting big success stories. Their commitment to career and society and the balance they maintained between the both is how MMU enriched them. The name and fame they brought for the University is how they reciprocated. And in this process of give and take, I feel honoured to be a part of trailblazer MMU which revolutionized the education momentum in North India. This is indeed, the biggest satisfaction and achievement of my life.